Make the most
of your workout

A mobile application designed to capture data from tennis workout footage and transform it into insights powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our first release is designed for performing solo tennis workouts at home. Only place your phone against a wall, start hitting and compete against other players world-wide.

Shot tracking

We are currently working on perfecting our shot tracking feature. This will enable users to mount their phones while they're playing and have all their shots tracked. At the end of the workout users will get detailed statistics about their performance.


We dream of creating a digital environment for tennis professionals to train more efficiently. To this purpose, we plan to offer the following features:


Start a practice session and have all your shots tracked.


Practice on custom training drills, designed with the help of professional tennis coaches.


Connect with other players around the world and work your way up the leaderboard.

First Stage:
matchpoint. home

During this difficult time, we plan to offer players the possibility to perform training drills almost everywhere they wish with the help of wall drills. This first release is called matchpoint. home.

Keep it simple.
Tap and Play

You only need to set up your phone, tap start and start hitting. Our algorithms will track and understand your shots and will show you the results.


Suitable Pricing Plans

For every type of player, we have come up with a plan that has the purpose to fit your training preferences.


for the curious


  • track 1000 shots per month
  • limited access to training drills


for casual players


per year

  • track 3000 shots per month​
  • limited access to drills and challenges​
  • process up to 6 sets per month


for core players


per year

  • track unlimited shots​
  • full access to drills and challenges​
  • track unlimited matches​
  • record for team members​


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